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Author: Jesus A. Martín-González


Original publication: Martín-González, J.A., Mateos, A., Rodríguez-Gómez, G., Rodríguez, J., 2016. A parametrical model to describe a stable and stationary age structure for fossil populations. Quaternary International 413, B, 69-77.

Stable and stationary population

This model is intended to test whether an observed mortality profile might correspond to the natural mortality pattern of a stable population.

A parametric family of models based on the Weibull model is proposed to describe the age structure of a fossil population. This descriptive approach is combined with a population dynamics model based on the Leslie matrix. The stability and sustainability conditions are algebraically stated to provide an equilibrium equation for any species.

The model parameters for a sustainable population are determined via numerical methods. These values represent the survival and mortality profiles for a sustainable population and are comparable between different populations.